From the recording String Quartetette No 5

Quartetette No 5 begins played with a playful pizzicato in 6/8, 60 bpm crotchets or if counting quavers 120 bpm. Did I say these scores are free to download ?! Use as you like, I envisage these little quartets making ideal programme fillers when you need an extra few minutes or a little musical sorbet/ear refresher between numbers. Oh alright, if you really want to contribute to my skint composer lifestyle, go buy a Digitiphony or two from iTunes/CD Baby/Amazon and I will probably see a few cents from it one day. But we all know it's not about the money, we just can't help making music can we ? So, that's the Quartetettes I have written so far, I will upload more as and when I write them. I really should get back to writing Digitiphony 6 now. Digitiphonies are what I am supposed to be spending the rest of my life on after all. Oh yeah, the scores for No. 5... here you go - full score - Full_score_String_Quartetette_No_5.pdf - and the parts - Parts_String_Quartetette_No_5.pdf