Digitiphony is a musical form - comprising of several movements or parts - that incorporates elements of both digital  (generated by computers and virtual instruments) and symphonic (orchestral) instrumentation.



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"I think the first Digitiphonies were actually written at the end of the 20th Century - eg. works like Deep Purple's "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" and Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" amongst others (even the "Dr. Who" Theme - especially in it's 21st century reincarnation, but with it's roots firmly in the first BBC Radiophonic Workshop version... it's a bit short though..). For sure, composers all around the world are writing works that could be described as Digitiphonies and have been for some years, though perhaps not so defined, nor so long."


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Michael Lisle Dunn lives and works in the United Kingdom. He has composed production music for libraries including Connect/Zomba, Universal, BMG, Kristannar Music, Plan8 Music and AKM Music. His production tracks have been used around the world, from Australia to Canada and beyond. He has written commissioned music for Film, TV and Video projects and in the UK his music has been broadcast on BBC 1 and 2, Channel 4 and ITV. For 20 years he wrote and performed with the band uk heights/U. Kay Hytz  , writing and producing 5 of their albums and various EP's and singles. He is a member of the Performing Rights Society (UK), and has a Diploma in Composition for Media (Music for the Media/Film Institute of Los Angeles). His corporate credits include work for The World Health Organisation, Living Tapes/Channel 4/Videotel, Hourglass Pictures, NHS, ICI, Oxford University Press, Walport International, PTV Ltd, Stella Artois/Queens Tennis Tournament and others. He also teaches musical skills to a small number of adults with learning and physical difficulties (www.musicalaccess.com). In 2009 he started composing Digitiphonies - a word he invented to describe longer-form electro-orchestral compositions.


Digitiphonies 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are available in all good internet music stores, such as iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more. 


Culmination from Digitiphony 3

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