Full length Digitiphony 10 preview 

From now until 3rd January 2021, when 'A Quantum Mass' is released, there will be a full length preview of the entire album on this site, both on the Homepage and here - 



In February of last year, while on holiday in Aldeburgh, Suffolk I woke up very early one morning as the bed in our hotel was so uncomfortable. I walked down to the beach just as the sun was rising over the North Sea. It was an incredibly still, foggy morning, that was destined to become a day of clear blue skies. As the sun rose and burnt through the fog I stood, listening to the waves lap up around my feet, and then started videoing the sunrise on my phone. When I got home I realised that the morning had been so still that the audio of the waves was in fact very useable (normally wind noise would overwhelm all the other sounds) so I wrote an ambient piece of music to go with the tranquil sound of the waves. It is only this year that I have got round to finishing the piece as I have been so busy working on Digitiphony 10 (even though I put the video I made last year up on youtube) and today that track, called 'Suntide' was released on all the streaming services - Spotify, Apple, Tidal etc and also as downloads on Bandcamp


Digitiphony 10/A Quantum Mass finalised and due for release 

My Tenth Digitiphony "A Quantum mass" has now been mastered by talented mastering engineer Marcin Bocinski for Legato Mastering in Warsaw, Poland, and is due to be released on 3rd January 2021 on Spotify, Apple, Tidal etc The highest quality version will be available on Bandcamp on 2nd February 2021 as 24/16bit, Flac or MP3 downloads. If you follow me there you will be notified when it is released on that platform.

Digitiphony 10 at bandcamp



Digitiphony 10 is written 

I have finished writing and recording the 5th Movement of Digitiphony 10/A Quantum Mass, so therefore the whole Digitiphony is now complete. The recordings are currently being mastered by a mastering engineer in Warsaw, Poland and I have high hopes for the result when he has finished with it.

So perhaps it will be released by the end of the year !


Digitiphony 10 Final Movement started 

I am 4 minutes or so into writing and recording the final part of Digitiphony 10 (A Quantum Mass). It has been a long, long journey writing this Digitiphony but I think I can see the last part of the road opening up before me. I'm still not entirely sure how much more I have to write, even how it is going to end (normally I at least have some idea of how I am going to finish a Digitiphony, but not this time) - like all Digitiphonies, the writing of it is an adventure that leads me to unpredictable outcomes.


Digitiphony 1 score completed 

I am relived, proud, excited and apprehensive to announce that after nearly 4 years meticulous, painstaking transcription and squeezed in between other projects, using the wonderful notation app Dorico (in all its iterations to date - 1,2 and 3) I have finally completed the full score to Digitiphony 1. It feels like this score and Dorico have developed, like brother and sister, in tandem (I couldn't have done this in any other app). It’s now been sent to a master engraver to be tweaked, burnished and finalised (also in Dorico, which has so many levels) before presenting it to orchestras for commission rehearsal and, hopefully, its Orchestral Premier (pandemic allowing) in late 2021/2022