New video and song release 

Many years ago, aged 19, I wrote a song in which I looked back to being 17, which seemed, then, a lifetime before. Yet today, I look back to being 19 and it seems just the other week, even though, believe me it's a LOT longer than that. The song was called 'Nowhere' and was written for the first and only album released, on vinyl, by the band I was a part of then ('In Order of Appearance' by The Cast - 1981 ) Together with Mella, the wonderful, musically empathetic singer I met last year, I made a remake, as in the original the instrumentation was just piano, but I added a violin part. Together with one of my old managers, Jennie Beaumont and some very cool helpers in Leeds, we also made a video. Here is the result 

Digitiphony 3 progress 

I have now written and recorded about three minutes of Digitiphony 10 Part 3 (A Quantum Mass) which is probably about half way through this Movement, though maybe it will end up longer. Like all my Digitiphonies it has developed a life of its own, and I can't predict anything.


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Le Rêve de La Vie released at iTunes etc 

Today the single version of Le Rêve de La Vie is released at iTunes, Spotify etc

I hope everyone is doing OK in these weird times. I am OK but managed to pick up an infection in my leg which stopped me functioning for a while, also I have been sorting out a way of streaming music sessions to my clients, as I can no longer see them in person due to the Pandemic, which has taken a fair amount of sorting out. Slowly I am getting back to working on my Tenth Digitiphony. I count my blessings and I feel for those who have lost all of their work and for those who have lost loved ones. Now is not an easy time. Be safe everyone, live each day and be aware of the good things you have in your life and treasure them.


Culmination from Digitiphony 3

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