Happy Holidays 

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy holiday season. Thank you for the support this year; for listening to the music I make and for visiting and 'liking' my various socials, videos and pages. The musical highlight of my year was meeting the singer Mella, and working with her on past songs I wrote - next year may see more of that, but with material I have written specially for her - the first of these is a 'Dream Interlude' in my Quantum Mass, or what I have come to realise will be, if I finish it, my…

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A Quantum Mass Part 1 finished - and it's a Digitiphony 

I have finally completed Part 1 of  A Quantum Mass - and I have realised that, if I finish it (by no means certain) it will, in fact, be my Tenth Digitiphony. I had been shying away from calling it a Digitiphony, partly as I only ever intended to write 9, and partly because once I have committed to writing a Digitiphony I know I am committing to a long period of hard work, self doubt, doubt in my equipment to keep functioning while I overload it with huge sample libraries, inordinately CPU hungry VSTs and…

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Interview for Justine Perry's blog 

The lyricist, Blogger and author Justine Perry has interviewed me for her blog. Her questions made me think how lucky I am to still be here doing what I do (making music, sharing music, meeting and making music with other musos around the world) in spite of the fact it has been a hard way of life to have chosen at times. Read the blog post at https://www.justineperry.com/m-l-dunn

New Track and Video with Mella 

I am very lucky to have the remarkable voice of Mella singing one of my songs again. She also braved the cold Autumnal winds of the the Great Lakes region in Michigan to help me make a video. It will be released on 15th November on iTunes, Spotify etc but here is the video -


'Knuckles' released 

Today 'Knuckles' is released again, this time sung by the awesome Mella, which gives a whole new angle. Available at apple, spotify etc

A Quantum Mass (continued) 

It has been painstakingly slow progress, in amongst other projects and obligations, but I am slowly moving forward with my Quantum Mass, note by note, bar by bar, breath by breath. I am over 5 minutes in now.


New collaboration 

I have worked with singer Mella on a new version of the song I wrote with lyricist Justine Perry a while ago - a track called 'Knuckles'. It will be released next month but in the meantime you can stream it from my soundcloud page 

Be Like This River released at Spotify etc 

Tonight the audio of 'Be Like This River', Featuring Mella, is released at Spotify, Apple and all the internet music places. Thanks so much to Mella, Claire Dunn and Will Dunn for their help in bringing this track and video to reality. I am now going to get back to writing my Quantum Mass after the distractions (wonderful though they were) of the last few weeks.

To buy at Apple - 

https://music.apple.com/us/album/be-like-this-river-single/1476748379 or stream at Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album

Culmination from Digitiphony 3

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