Digitiphony 10 - A Quantum Mass

Digitiphony 10 - "A Quantum Mass", is the Digitiphony I didn't mean to write. It was completed in the first year of the Covid Pandemic, 2020, and questions whether life can exist without the experience of living. In the same way that experiments in Quantum Physics reveal that the observer is a part of the experiment, so too the experience of awareness is inseparable from the experience of being alive. Only emotions - love, hate, jealousy, and others, can be seen as a constant in our perceptions of 'reality'. 

A Quantum Mass 

Part 1 
How to measure Hope ? 
How to measure Love ? 

How to measure Love, when Love is the measure of all things? 
How to measure pain - pain ! pain ! when one man's pain is another man's ecstasy ? 
How to measure death, when the meaning of life, or its lack, can only be measured  
by observance 
observance of death can only ever be objective, 
for in subjective observance death, 
and life, 
are both a dream 

Part 2 
(Le rêve de la vie  
et de la mort - 
somnium vitae) 

Part 3 
If we cannot prove existence is real 
why do we realise hate ? 

Hate, dream or not, wounds 
Hate, dream or not, maims 
Hate, dream or not, destroys 
Hate, dream or not, is a choice 

Why choose un-love ? 

Part 4 
Hate, dream or not, is pain 
Pain, dream or not, is fear 
Fear, dream or not, terrifies 
Boldness, dreamed or waking, liberates. 

But not boldness to kill 
Or boldness to hate 
Hate, dream or not, imprisons. 

All of us. 

Part 5 
All of us.