String Quartetettes released at Bandcamp, more platforms soon

My first 11 String Quartetettes - miniature String Quartets - are now released on Bandcamp. Further platforms to follow later in the month. I first started writing these when I bought a Windows tablet after my stroke in 2014, and installed an app called Staffpad on it, which lets you write music out longhand with a pen, recognises your writing (if you are careful) and renders it as printed notes. I thought the discipline of having to carefully write music so it could be recognised by the program would be good for the recovery of my right hand, which barely worked. Over the next few years I would write one out every now and again between other projects, then export it to my computer to finish it off, but as they are very short it has taken a while to build up enough of them to make it worth releasing them. When I have built up my stamina and patience, and also finished writing Digitiphonies, I hope to start writing full length Quartets, but we’ll see. They're just a bit of fun really.