Seems I have finished

Well it looks like I have finished Digitiphony 9. It still has to be sent down to Essex to be mastered (which I am not doing myself this time, for that I have enlisted the help of the talented mastering engineer Dave Blackman at Hiltongrove, who mastered the UKH album Welcome to Life in 2005) but, subject to further listening on my part, I feel in my bones it is done. I recognise the feelings of being musically spent and disinterest, aversion even, to what I have produced that I know so well from finishing the last eight Digitiphonies. This Digitiphony is finished with me.

 I am very grateful and proud that my old friend, the artist David Chandler, has painted a picture for the artwork for the album. After all that has happened since I wrote the first Digitiphony it seems very fitting that his art should adorn what will almost certainly be the last.