Mailing List er, 'rationalisation'

So by now everyone has heard of GDPR, in Europe at least. So as to keep to the spirit and letter of this, two months ago I resolved to send out emails to everyone on my mailing list to get them to resubscribe if they wished. In doing so I inadvertently and irreversibly deleted the data of the list. If you were one of the people on the list, I apologise for not telling you this individually, but in view of this catastrophic (well it's not really catastrophic is it ?) lapse of technological self control I have decided to no longer have a mailing list. My facebook ( and twitter ( pages, as well as this blog, will always have the musical activities I am working on, and as I am immersed in my final Digitiphony, and when I finish that, scoring all 9 Digitiphonies out for Orchestra and Electro there is not much to impart by email. As always my Spotify and Apple Music catalogues have a large part of the music I have written up, and I'm getting too old to multitask. So will y'all forgive me ? Sorry :-(