Light of the World

M L Dunn

Ethereal spiritual Female Vocal over ambient backing

Three mixes of a new version of the track originally performed by U.K. Heights in 1995. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite painting by William Holman Hunt "The Light of The World" it is a modern day secular prayer for peace and tranquility in a wounded world. Lyrics below -

Light of the World

This light shines out for those that have the eyes to see it dispels all doubt, it hosts no anxiety and it speaks without words it is the light of the world

this light knows no religion race or creed or cause cos this light needs no protection, walls or bolted doors this light's not vain but feigns no false humility this light is reason but it's impulse cuts it free

it nurtures no revenge resentment or disdain it shows no rage or hate, seeks no reward or gain

this light knows not the lies by which we all deceive it harbours no desire no lust no pride or greed this light is grieving, abiding concern this light is feeling that's felt without nerves

this is the light it is the light of the world

this light's not forceful but its strength could move your heart this light can heal the wounds that tear this world apart

this light is conscience that begs to be heard so let in the light let in the light of the world

this is the light let in the light of the world

and it's alright

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