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A selection of music pieces I have written over the years. All these tracks, and more, can be found on my pages at Spotify, Apple Music, CD Baby etc

Digitiphony 5: The Five Temperaments

M L Dunn

An Electro Orchestral Symphony in Five Movements

Digitiphony 5 is Michael Lisle Dunn's fifth Electro Orchestral Symphony. It is based on the five currently accepted human temperaments, or dispositions. There is a movement for each, Choleric, Supine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic and Sanguine. Different modes (scales) were the thematic inspiration for each movement (in order - Mixolydian, Locrian, Phrygian, Dorian, Lydian) and the character types themselves provided the emotional narrative.

1st Movement - 'Balearic Choleric - The Choleric' is the movement for the Choleric Temperament, based on the Choleric character type. These are the people who, for better or worse, have used their drive and ambition to move humanity forward (in their view at least) over the last few millennia. They are the Politicians, Generals, Bankers and Heads of State who aspire to lead us - they are decisive and sure of themselves, able to inspire allegiance in others, but at the same time can have a nasty streak and the capacity to use others for their own ends.

2nd Movement - 'Supina Manipuloso - The Supine' is the movement for the Supine Temperament (this is a newly defined temperament - it has been included due to recent psychological research; originally there were only four 'humours' or temperaments). The supine character is outwardly a 'people person' - amenable and keen to be seen to serve and support others and make a contribution. Inwardly though they have a darker side and can be manipulative, weak-minded and harboring of ill will. Which of course makes for interesting thematic interpretation as far as composing music; two very contrasting shades of character to convey within one piece.

3rd Movement - 'Melon Collies Rise - The Melancholic'. Being the temperament closest to the composer's own, he was determined to write this from an optimistic perspective, hence the rising theme repeated in the strings. However destructive the tendencies of the melancholic are, all depressives are triumphant in the end, for one day they will be no more. Life, the source of all their woes and misery, will at the point of death become subservient to the greater resilience of the Melancholic Temperament. To live and survive as a melancholic is to endure the most demanding of all the existences of the temperaments, for there seems to be no plus side other than the loyalty and creativity shown by the melancholic, which are more for the benefit of others than the individual themselves.

4th Movement - 'Phlegmatickle -The Phlegmatic' The Movement to describe the Phlegmatic Temperament. Perhaps the most attractive of the five temperaments, the phlegmatic is easygoing and chilled; not easily motivated, but slow to anger and difficult to destabilise. It is also the only temperament that the Choleric Temperament is unable to control or upset. The biggest downer for the phlegmatic is a constant need to preserve energy, therefore they never take unnecessary action. If a phlegmatic person bothers to say something, you know they really mean it.

5th Movement - 'Sanguinum - The Sanguine' The final movement is the movement for the Sanguine Temperament. Showy, confident and sure of itself the Sanguine temperament has no problem offering its services to the world (read 'forcing on'), for it knows better than anyone the heights to which it can aspire. Through its charm it persuades others to follow and further its cause, whatever that may be. It's sometimes a bit full of itself though... arrogant, even. And it always HAS to have the last word.

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Light of the World

M L Dunn

Ethereal spiritual Female Vocal over ambient backing

Three mixes of a new version of the track originally performed by U.K. Heights in 1995. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite painting by William Holman Hunt "The Light of The World" it is a modern day secular prayer for peace and tranquility in a wounded world. Lyrics below -

Light of the World

This light shines out for those that have the eyes to see it dispels all doubt, it hosts no anxiety and it speaks without words it is the light of the world

this light knows no religion race or creed or cause cos this light needs no protection, walls or bolted doors this light's not vain but feigns no false humility this light is reason but it's impulse cuts it free

it nurtures no revenge resentment or disdain it shows no rage or hate, seeks no reward or gain

this light knows not the lies by which we all deceive it harbours no desire no lust no pride or greed this light is grieving, abiding concern this light is feeling that's felt without nerves

this is the light it is the light of the world

this light's not forceful but its strength could move your heart this light can heal the wounds that tear this world apart

this light is conscience that begs to be heard so let in the light let in the light of the world

this is the light let in the light of the world

and it's alright

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Deep Garden

M L Dunn

Reflective, contemplative Electro Pop

In June 2014, whilst working on one of his Digitiphonies, M L Dunn suffered an unexpected stroke preventing him from making music for three long months. This is his reply to the universe following that stroke and an attempt to understand and explain the strange worlds to which the experience took him. He is currently in the process of making a full recovery and intends on doing everything better after this stroke than he did it before. It's all in the mind..... everything.

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Speak Your Mind


Cranial Interference from parts of the UK

A young man met an old man

by the edge of a lake

beyond a range of mountains, far from the city.

The young man asked the old man

'Why did you bring me here ?'

To which the old man replied

'For you to speak your mind'

The younger replied -

'But my mind is full of stresses and worries, fears and sadness. It is a bottomless pit that could never be shared for it would take too long.'

'I have all the time in the world'

  • said the elder - 'so.. speak your mind.'

The young man ran his fingers through his hair. His furrowed brow creased as he stared down into the numberless grains of sand that made up the beach surrounding the lake.

'My anger and fear know no bounds'

-he began

'All around me I see my fellow Human Beings treating each other with contempt and using the world around them to satisfy their own greed.

The people who aspire to lead us lose any empathy with those they claim to serve as soon as they come to power and behave only in accordance with the wishes of those who choose to exploit the resources and people around them.'

'mmm, this is indeed bad' said the old man. 'Go on.'

The younger continued -

'I know that this mutual exploitation stems from the fear that is the same fear I feel, that we are all afraid, and this fear impels us to use whatever means are necessary for our own survival, even if that means destroying that which is around us and those who we can use.'

'I know there are many people who feel as I do, but the very fact that they have the sensitivity to see these things makes them vulnerable to those whose minds are still ruled by fear and who do not wish to see things change. For them, their fear is just a necessary fear - necessary to their survival - and those who do not wish, or are unable, to hurt others must be subjugated.

'You have a clear insight' said the senior. 'So what is your question ?'

The younger man paused for a time while he collected his thoughts, then spoke.

'Those who know in this world can never be heard above the din and clamour of those who don't. What are we to do ?'

When he heard no answer the young man turned around, but the old man had gone. In his place, scrawled in the sand in spidery script, were three words -


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One Need


Slide guitar shuffle for serious shimmying

Maub is a collaboration between Mike Dunn (The Cast, U Kay Hytz, creator of Digitiphonies) and Paul Belben (Omar, The Master of Hellfire and Eclectic Method). "One Need" is their second release and uses lyrics taken from a poem by Australian poet Sam McDonnell. Additional vocals by Claire Dunn (U. Kay Hytz) and Morty Buffham (The Fexils), miscellaneous beats supplied by Jonny Wilson (a.k.a Eclectic Method)

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Soul Commerce from Digitiphony 4

M L Dunn

Trance interpretation of a section from Digitiphony 4 - an Electro-Orchestral Symphony

A fusion of elements from the second and third movements of Digitiphony 4 - M L Dunn's fourth Electro-Orchestral Symphony - edited and remixed with emphasis on the Trance/Chill aspects of the two parts.

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Digitiphony 4 Dichotomies

M L Dunn

Dramatic, colourful Electro-Orchestral Symphony

"Digitiphony - A musical form - comprising of several movements or parts - that incorporates elements of both digital (generated by computers and virtual instruments) and symphonic (orchestral) instrumentation."

Michael Lisle Dunn's Fourth Digitiphony is a journey through the seemingly disparate (hence the "Dichotomies" title of the Digitiphony) existential elements of 'Life', 'Soul', 'Commerce' and 'Art'.

Though seeming outwardly to pull against each other, this work seems to discover for itself that these four elements are in fact inextricably linked. For, though 'Art' struggles to live with 'Commerce', it needs it to spread its word, and though sometimes the serenity of 'Soul' seems to be so lacking from 'Life' the latter is in fact the manifestation of the former.

At times chaotic, always baffling and predominantly indefinable, this most recent incarnation of the genre continues to tread new musical ground and promises to reward the committed listener more with each listening.

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