In February of last year, while on holiday in Aldeburgh, Suffolk I woke up very early one morning as the bed in our hotel was so uncomfortable. I walked down to the beach just as the sun was rising over the North Sea. It was an incredibly still, foggy morning, that was destined to become a day of clear blue skies. As the sun rose and burnt through the fog I stood, listening to the waves lap up around my feet, and then started videoing the sunrise on my phone. When I got home I realised that the morning had been so still that the audio of the waves was in fact very useable (normally wind noise would overwhelm all the other sounds) so I wrote an ambient piece of music to go with the tranquil sound of the waves. It is only this year that I have got round to finishing the piece as I have been so busy working on Digitiphony 10 (even though I put the video I made last year up on youtube) and today that track, called 'Suntide' was released on all the streaming services - Spotify, Apple, Tidal etc and also as downloads on Bandcamp