New track "Conscience"

When I was at school, many moons ago, I half wrote a song. Though other tunes I wrote were finished, this one never resolved itself for some reason. The chorus was all I could manage to write. The words "Conscience, leave me alone, I'll get you on your own" were an expression of my adolescent frustration with an emerging sense of morality that just seemed to spoil everything when I was busy trying to rebel and have (what I thought) was fun. Many decades later I was explaining this to lyricist Justine Perry and she accepted the challenge of helping me finish the lyrics to the song. This coincided with a powerful dream I had where I found myself on a beautiful beach by an ocean, it seemed a place where the cares of the world, karma, doing the right thing (or trying to) could be laid to rest for good. In the dream, I asked myself what this place was called. "Cape Understand" came the reply.