String Quartetette No. 7

I have written a new String Quartetette. Though it's called number 7 its actually my Eighth as the series begins with No. 0.5. Don't ask. You can hear it and read the score on the Quartettes page on this site

I am finally giving in and starting work on Digitiphony 8. A thematic and formulaic idea has been growing in my head, and though I have tried to distract myself with other musical tasks I don't think I can ignore it any more. I am not sure when Digitiphonies are going to leave me alone but my vague idea that writing seven might be enough to retire from this herculean (to me at least) task is not working out. I have got about half way through scoring out Digitiphony 1, and I will continue to score them all out, with or without help (please ?) from others but to just score out music that I have already written is not enough to keep my poor brain stable, sadly.