Happy Holidays

Wishing anyone and everyone reading this the happiest of New Years.

The last several weeks I have been working to finish scoring out my concerto for harp, which I finished doing just before Christmas - a miniature version of the whole score is here -MLD_Concerto_For_Harp_Full_1_small.pdf

I am slowly approaching the conclusion of Digitiphony 7. The fourth movement is finished and I am about half way through the final, firth movement. The theme for the Digitiphony is 'Afterlives' - some of the postulated places us humans believe we may go to when we die. these theoretical afterlife destinations have had much effect on the way we live out lives before we even get near to finding out if they exist for real or not. The many musos and artistes who have died this year will bethere already. A great party awaits, if there is any justice in the universe. See you in 2017 !