Happy 2016

Wishing everyone a peaceful, purposeful New Year !

I have been pretty obsessed with trying to finish Digitiphony 6 - I am three quarters of the way through the final movement and it's all getting a bit febrile ;p The first half of the movement is up on my soundcloud pages here -


I am a few minutes further in than that but I will probably hold off posting any more till the movement, and Digitiphony, are finished.


I also have been working on a piece inspired by the work of Mark R. Johnson, who has been building procedurally generated worlds for a project called Ultima Ratio Regum (The Final Argument of Kings). Mark possesses an incredible mind and I have been lucky enough to enter into an ongoing dialogue with him. Quite where it will lead I do not know, but so far his ideas have inspired this piece of music -


I will post again when Digitiphony 6 is finished, until then I am gonna shut up for a bit I think as I just want to get it finished... I always get like this towards the end of a project... wanna move on but can't leave it alone till it's right.