Great Ballad score (sic)

I have a running joke with a colleague and old friend of mine, composer Chris Broom; he finds it hilarious that my first school was called Great Ballard, as one of the defining features of my early songwriting career was that my ballads were much better than my uptempo tracks (everyone knows a fast song is harder to write than a slow one) so he thought it most appropriate my school had that name. Of the ballads I wrote, the most successful (it won the Radio Victory Song Competition and earned an honourable mention in the World Song Competition, both in the 1990s and was covered by two bands, Ltd Company and uk heights) was called 'Be Like This River'. It was also the hardest to write - it was about two close musician friends of mine who had a relationship that broke down and pretty much destroyed both of their lives in the process. I have submitted this for the anthology 'New Music Shelf' and to do so had to make a recording of it, which I did, as a solo piano/vocal piece - you can hear that on my soundcloud pages -  - and also the score is now up for sale at SMP press

This has meant I have neglected Digitiphony 8 for a week or two, but I am back on it now ;p