A Quantum Mass Part 1 finished - and it's a Digitiphony

I have finally completed Part 1 of  A Quantum Mass - and I have realised that, if I finish it (by no means certain) it will, in fact, be my Tenth Digitiphony. I had been shying away from calling it a Digitiphony, partly as I only ever intended to write 9, and partly because once I have committed to writing a Digitiphony I know I am committing to a long period of hard work, self doubt, doubt in my equipment to keep functioning while I overload it with huge sample libraries, inordinately CPU hungry VSTs and long projects and also an inability to really focus on anything else until it is finished. But I guess we can't change who we are, and I certainly can't choose what my Muse chooses to drive me to do, whatever my own wishes may be. That I have learnt, over many years. And in fact what my Muse wishes me to do is what I feel most comfortable doing, anyway. So Digitiphony 10 it is. For the next several years, probably.