Speak Your Mind


Cranial Interference from parts of the UK

A young man met an old man

by the edge of a lake

beyond a range of mountains, far from the city.

The young man asked the old man

'Why did you bring me here ?'

To which the old man replied

'For you to speak your mind'

The younger replied -

'But my mind is full of stresses and worries, fears and sadness. It is a bottomless pit that could never be shared for it would take too long.'

'I have all the time in the world'

  • said the elder - 'so.. speak your mind.'

The young man ran his fingers through his hair. His furrowed brow creased as he stared down into the numberless grains of sand that made up the beach surrounding the lake.

'My anger and fear know no bounds'

-he began

'All around me I see my fellow Human Beings treating each other with contempt and using the world around them to satisfy their own greed.

The people who aspire to lead us lose any empathy with those they claim to serve as soon as they come to power and behave only in accordance with the wishes of those who choose to exploit the resources and people around them.'

'mmm, this is indeed bad' said the old man. 'Go on.'

The younger continued -

'I know that this mutual exploitation stems from the fear that is the same fear I feel, that we are all afraid, and this fear impels us to use whatever means are necessary for our own survival, even if that means destroying that which is around us and those who we can use.'

'I know there are many people who feel as I do, but the very fact that they have the sensitivity to see these things makes them vulnerable to those whose minds are still ruled by fear and who do not wish to see things change. For them, their fear is just a necessary fear - necessary to their survival - and those who do not wish, or are unable, to hurt others must be subjugated.

'You have a clear insight' said the senior. 'So what is your question ?'

The younger man paused for a time while he collected his thoughts, then spoke.

'Those who know in this world can never be heard above the din and clamour of those who don't. What are we to do ?'

When he heard no answer the young man turned around, but the old man had gone. In his place, scrawled in the sand in spidery script, were three words -


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