Michael Lisle Dunn


Much of my music

Tibetan Singing Bowls for Kontakt - 32bit samples library for Kontakt

Made with real singing bowls played by a real person (me) in the traditional way (running a beater around the rim). I have not made many sample libraries in my time, but I am rather proud of this one ;p If you go to Samplism by clicking here you can get more info and here a demo of it.

Digitiphony Vol 1 for Kontakt - Media friendly edits and loops from Digitiphony 3 for Kontakt

Instead of downloading library/production music piece by piece for a production, how about firing up an instance or two of Kontakt and having a whole Digitiphony at your fingertips, conveniently edited into usable and meaningful bite-size chunks, mapped logically across an 88 note keyboard and thoroughly tweakable (change speed, pitch, envelope etc), all in pristine 32 bit quality ? Score a whole film for how much ?! Click here to find out !

Scores - Music scores for assorted MLD pieces